JUST LOVELY TRAINING™ - Behavior Training Services - San Jose, CA
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Behavior Training Services

Aimed at enhancing and increasing positive behavior changes in individuals one on one and within a group setting a personalized behavior training program is created.Tailor-made programs emphasize the arrival and sustainability of targeted developmental and growth paths that increases positive behavior changes.

  • Life-coaching and mentoring in social groups utilizing positive reinforcement and shaping of desired outcomes through living testimonies.

  • Emphasis is placed on client taking ownership through their personal developmental path to ensure acquired growth that will create a lifestyle change in the individual.

Parent Coaching

In conjunction with behavior training services, parent/guardian’s are offered parent coaching services in order to support and understand their student’s as a whole from problem behaviors to achievement of the targeted desired outcomes to assist them on their personal developmental path.

  • Group coaching sessions with parents on key components and strategies that will equip them with understanding and the ability to support their interventions.

  • One on one parent conference calls that are specific to client needs.

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