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Walking the talk:Student-Athletes putting work on and the field.
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The TIME is NOW.

The Time is Now.

Summer is here, get ahead of the holiday season and make time for yourself at JUST LOVELY TRAINING, LLC.

Why wait?

Student-Athletes: Sacrifice and Invest Now

JUST LOVELY TRAINING, LLC is excited for all the dedicated student-athletes that have been preparing academically and those also preparing athletically for California Football Combines.

JUST LOVELY TRAINING, LLC believes that by making the sacrifice now and investing, student-athletes will be able to open revolving doors for their family and future legacy.


By Demand Combine Prep Training in the South Bay Area going on now. Call us today to start your lovely journey!


JLT receives donations from former SJSU Alumni

We would like to send a special thank you and shot out to Ed a former San Jose State University Athlete Alumni who was recruited by Bill Walsh for donating fitness equipment to help support all ages.

JUST LOVELY TRAINING LLC is blessed and excited by demand to continue the course to uplift and enhance clients accordingly.

Looking forward to the present and future in Almaden Valley, CA and citywide.

Student-athletes juggling athletics and academics

Student-athletes juggling athletics and academics, fear not, Just Lovely Training has an expert to support you.

President Lovely has first hand experience balancing both. He persevered through one of his toughest football seasons as an athlete, by being a reserved defensive back at Brigham Young University, and he still stayed the course academically by being recognized for his outstanding academic achievement in the Mountain West Conference.


Our tailor-made training programs are built to provide a complete package of training. Each tailor-made program is built to ensure long-term growth of each athlete in their sport, and as a competitor.

President Lovely does not simply teach, he teaches why each drill or skill is effective to help all of his clients gain a deeper understanding of their fitness training. With this knowledge in hand our clients can realize success on and off the field.



Private or Public doesn't matter where you play ‪#‎JUSTLOVELYTRAINING‬ ‪#‎H2JLT‬ God first

Message from Owner Greg Lovely to all high school student athletes entering football season:

 "2016-2017 is a big year for a lot of players. Understand that you have to take it one play at a time, practice first, game time that's the fun part. At the end of the day it don't matter where you at you can be from Valley Christian you could be San Jose High, you could be anywhere in the country if you get an opportunity to play high school football, you gotta play with heart and then you have to be willing and receptive to learn and critique yourself from inside and out every detailed moment because you'll never have it back.

H2: Just Lovely Training


Weekly Friday and Sunday

Winter Session running until 
February 28th. Call asap to enroll.
Stay hungry and humble.. 

Contact follow as:

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