JUST LOVELY TRAINING™ - Owner Greg Lovely Bio - San Jose, CA
JUST LOVELY TRAINING™ - Welcome to the Lovely Island!

Greg Lovely

BS in Sociology-Missouri State University, Springfield Missouri

AA in Psychology-Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA

Entrepreneur- For-Profit Business Owner @JUST LOVELY TRAINING, LLC in Silicon Valley, CA

Non-Profit Business Owner @Just Lovely Touch, Inc. in San Jose, CA

Appointed City Official 2017- City of San Jose Board Commissioner of Parks and Recreation (4 year term)

My story is one of finding success in the business world through lots of hard work, and a keen focus on my passion for athletics. This has culminated in me becoming the owner of two business entities. One business being, JUST LOVELY TRAINING , LLC, which is a for-profit business that services the community by offering a variety of expert services.

We assist clients in meeting their health, behavioral, wellness and fitness goals. The other business is a non-profit called Just Lovely Touch Inc. I started this non-profit because I saw first hand how resources can be limited once you're growing up in a low income household. I have chosen to utilize my life story to help low income families access fitness training services through Just Lovely Touch, Inc.

I have also leveraged my skills as former professional athlete, my commitment to performance-based work ethic, my strong academic background, and most importantly my Sociology degree from Missouri State University (MSU) to establish JUST LOVELY TRAINING as a Sole-Proprietorship small business in 2011, and in 2017 I converted it to a LLC.

JUST LOVELY TRAINING, LLC offers a variety of expert services including, One-on-one fitness training, tandem fitness training, boot camp, football combine training, footwork camp for student-athletes (football), recruiting services for student athletes (football), speed training (all sports), strength and conditioning (all sports), increasing fast twitch muscle training (all sports), rehab consultation (all sports), and behavior training services. 

I have also utilized the fantastic training in Sociology that I received from MSU to apply specific concepts like Causes/Crime-Delinquency and Race-Ethnic Group Relations throughout my professional career. And I suspect if did not receive a full ride scholarship (football) from MSU my trajectory would have been very difficult. I even had the opportunity to begin my MBA at MSU, which I hope to complete in the future.

The advice I would give to MSU students and all college students is to understand your strengths and weaknesses with precision, and to learn time management skills in order to prioritize your academic success. I would also advise students selecting their majors to consult with colleagues, obtain internships and seek out advisors that are willing to be brutally honest with you. Most importantly I would suggest that students follow their passions.

 I have done this, and I have gone from an MSU student, to the owner of two companies, and most recently I was appointed the Board Commissioner for Parks and Recreation for the City of San Jose. So the next generation of MSU students  and college students state to state should keep following their passions, should stay committed to working hard, and remember to have fun! 



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