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COO and Behavior Specialist-
 Jeanette Chavira
Jeanette ChaviraJeanette Chavira is a passionate and a positive influence within the community bringing an extensive skillful knowledge of applied behavior analysis, behavior intervention techniques, management skills, and strategic planning to JUST LOVELY TRAINING™.

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Jeanette Chavira is an advocate for children diagnosed with autism and has personally worked with over 100 children in the public and non-public special education system. Jeanette Chavira is seasoned in working directly with children and actively mentors parents, educators and professionals within the education system and community. Jeanette Chavira takes pride in touching and changing lives within the community.

Jeanette Chavira believes we all share “One Common Goal" and can work together as a team to accomplish it.
Just Lovely TrainingJeanette Chavira oversees staff members, manages the day-to-day operations of the business, and upholds JLT'S  mission statement and policies. Jeanette coaches and mentors clients to empower them on their health and fitness journey.

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